A new research finds that, taking a more proactive approach to hiring could be the key to attracting qualified candidates. A study by staffing firm Robert Half revealed that nearly 70 percent of employees said that although they were not looking for a new job, they would consider a bid if the employer approached them about open employment.

However, most entrepreneurs adopt a “wait and see” approach: only 27 percent of executives do more than check incoming applications when taking open positions. Instead of being actively involved with job seekers, 67 percent of respondents said they usually do open jobs and wait to see the resume coming.

Paul McDonald, senior executive director of Robert Half, said that leading to job seekers should be a top priority when filling out new jobs or jobs.

“Professionals with on-demand skills have options and can be interested in competitive bidding,” McDonald said in a statement. “Hiring managers who expect applicants to approach them risk losing potential star artists.”

To help entrepreneurs, Robert Half offers six tips to improve the recruitment process:

Stay on the schedule. Create a timeline and set an ideal start date for a new position. Make sure everyone involved in the recruitment process understands time limits and can remove time in their schedules to review the curriculum and conduct interviews.

Communicating with job candidates. Make sure that the candidate information knows your timeline. If your schedule changes, tell the candidate. Failure to keep informed applicants will disable applicants on request and change recruitment efforts.

Sell ​​yourself. Knowing that the best employees are in great demand, it is important that they highlight why candidates should choose their organization over others.

Create a competitive offer. The best candidates want a job with attractive benefits, compensation above the interest rate and the path set for professional progress.

Have a backup plan. Instead of choosing one candidate, select two prospective employees if someone chooses to go the other way.

Staying connected. The successful recruitment process will not end when a candidate accepts a job offer. Be sure to create an effective merger program and often sign up with new employees to make sure they are well adjusted and happy in their position.

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