Have you seen ads on Facebook sports shoes after buying on Nike.com? This is not a coincidence In today’s highly competitive ad landscape, marketers have learned that online custom announcements, which contain content that is relevant to the wants, needs and habits of browsing people in particular are very effective.

Consumers prefer this type of marketing to others for various reasons. According to a survey by Adlucent, a digital advertising and analytics agency, consumers said personal ads reduced irrelevant content (46 percent), helped consumers find new products (25 percent) and made online searches and purchases faster and easier (19 percent).

Michael Griffin, CEO and founder of Adlucent, says that personalized marketing “is likely to be one of the major trends in retail history.” In fact, according to the 10 determinants of Forrester success in 2016, personalization is now a “new bar” for digital marketing.

If you advertise your business online and want to provide better advertising for your customers, this is exactly what they want, according to the Adlucent survey.

Advertising is oriented to the interests of consumers
Advertisers should focus on the interest of their consumers to sell their products or ideas. For example, if you sell books, ads in loyal readers browsers who often search for new titles will probably get better results than if you were in the physical activity of an optimizer browser.

“With access to unlimited consumer information, purchases can be a truly personalized experience,” Griffin said.

Ads that display content based on a previous purchase or purchase behavior
By combining data sources across (customer relationship management data, transaction data, third party information on the behavior and characteristics, etc.) of the company, the brand can develop a better understanding of the patterns and interests of consumers buying Griffin said.

“Once a brand creates a full customer profile, it enables them to find and deliver relevant content better to additional audiences that look similar,” he said.

Ads are served when consumers are looking to buy
Custom ads can find consumers right at the right time, like when they need a particular product and are ready to make a purchase. The more private the ad is, the more viewers are involved. In fact, Adlucent found that consumers are almost twice as likely to click on ads from unknown brands if they are relevant to their wants and needs.

“It all starts with understanding the needs and interests of each individual, and is based on a combination of people, technology and data,” Griffin said.

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