A recent journal study of The Leadership Quarter found that issues, such as power grabbing, confusion and communication, appear when the responsible party is not physically with most of their team.

“People who work remotely in a team can be at a disadvantageous position when linked to a leader,” Cody Reeves, one of the authors of the study and an assistant professor at Brigham Young University at Utah, said in a statement. “We’ve seen people fall into the people they physically cover.”

For this study, the researchers divide students into 84 teams of four people who are randomly assigned to one of three team configurations: all team members to physically harm the One another, all working long distances, or separated by several people in the same place And others work far.

The team then asks you to complete the decision-making activities, and then respond to a survey about the experience and assess their team members. The author has found out that the clear leader is more likely to appear when the teams are in the same position, or all of them work remotely.

“That’s when you start mixing and matching – some of the places, some virtual ones – that’s when real trouble comes into play,” Reeves says. The author found that when the majority of team members were together, it was seriously hampering the capabilities of remote group workers to be seen as a leader.

But when a team becomes more lively, ‘leveling the playing field’ to team members – the benefit for individuals in the area is greatly reduced, “wrote the author of the study.” There is a possibility that some team members are close and the other is not an underlying factor in the struggle which has been published recently and the associated reduction in the use of virtual teams in some of the leading organizations (Eg, Yahoo). ”

The authors of the study said they were surprised that remote workers had an easier time emerging as a leader when everyone in the group was also working out of the office. Researchers say that a possible explanation for this search is related to the idea of ​​”playing field level”.

“By arranging a team of highly dispersed, the lack of knowledge of the reciprocal context of the individual activities of other team members may be more urgent, while opportunities for the proportion of members The team is more likely to share the responsibility of leadership as it increases, “the authors wrote the study or wrote.

Based on studies, study authors say that they believe that employers who want effective leaders responsible for telecommuting employees Must ensure a physical leader who has at least one group, or anyone Person who works remotely. Reeves said he thought the results of the study should also make companies mind through their plans to offer telecommuting before jumping right into it.

“These are very concerned about whether they can do it or not, they never stop thinking if it should be,” Reeves says of the strategy that has been done by many entrepreneurs over the past decade due to Telecommuting has become increasingly popular. “Fortunately, many companies today seem to take a more deliberate approach when deciding whether and when to telecommute fit for their operations.”

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