In the world of work, you are sometimes confused when you see the positions of project manager and product manager. The two positions do look similar.

  • Not infrequently, the two overlap. In fact, the two things are actually different.
  • Therefore, you need to know the difference so you don’t make the wrong application in the future.
  • A company will certainly make a product and circulate it so that it can be used by consumers.
  • The product in question is not only in the form of goods, but also in the form of applications.
  • Therefore, a product manager is responsible for the development of the product. both in terms of the idea process, design, and performance when it was circulated.
  • A product manager must have the intuition to determine whether the product should be continued or if there is a need for modification to suit the needs of the market.

Must-have skills

  • A product manager focuses more on the performance and quality of the products they have.
  • Therefore, the skills that must be possessed are also related to products and relationships with consumers.
  • These include product design, marketing skills, and research capabilities.
  • These abilities are needed because the product manager will be closely related to market conditions and consumers’ reactions to their products.

Understanding Project Managers

A company certainly does not only have one product to run. In fact, it could be that the product is part of a larger product.

This is the job of a project manager.

  • According to Hubspot, when a product manager determines why and for whom the product is made, the project manager determines when and how the product is made.
  • A project manager must ensure that the implementation runs smoothly and well.
  • In fact, the project manager also needs to ensure that the implementation is in accordance with the planned budget and time.
  • In addition, it is the project manager’s decision to stop a project due to obstacles or other things.

Must-have skills

  • With these various tasks, a project manager needs to have expertise in project management. In addition, he is also required to have leadership skills.
  • This is because the project manager will provide strategic decisions about the implementation of a project as well as determine the people who are included in the team.
  • Not infrequently, a project manager is expected to have technical skills such as coding.
  • This is because a project manager must be able to determine how to complete a project and solve various problems that occur within it.

Product Manager vs. Project Manager: Which Is Better?

The difference between a product manager and a project manager is quite evident in the scope of their work.Summarizing from the productboard, a product manager focuses on the product from before the product exists until it has been on the market.This includes the idea process, concept submission, and sales strategy. You could say that product managers are not bound by time.This is certainly different from the project manager. A project manager is responsible for overseeing the process of making a product in a project.

Therefore, a project manager will be bound by time, such as when a project starts and ends.Another difference between a product manager and a project manager is the interaction.A product manager will interact more intensely with stakeholders, sales, and even consumers.Meanwhile, a project manager more intensely interacts with the internal team.

The responsibilities of the two are also quite different. This is because a product manager is responsible for product quality and performance.Meanwhile, the project manager is responsible for the implementation of a project.However, in some companies, especially small ones, the two positions are often held concurrently. This can be something positive because it can increase the person’s ability.

That’s the difference between a product manager and a project manager. Hopefully, after this, you won’t be confused again!

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