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Profit Solution


Our objective is simply maximizing the profit of your business.
If you ever wondering as to why your business has never been performing up to your expectation, we are here available to help you fixing the problem of profitability, using our Profit Solution Technology.


What's Included


As our client, together we will discuss in more detail to identify and break down the existing problems, which teams or individuals who will be involved, the methodology to be implemented, determining the milestones on achieving the main goals, etc.

unlimited email

Email will be the effective means of communication, especially in situations where face-to-face meetings are difficult. Each of your e-mails will be handled directly by the relevant coach and will be answered no later than 1 x 24 hours


We are very aware that each client has its own privileges on running their business. Therefore, the required solutions and approaches will be specially designed matched with the client's needs, situations and conditions


In order to achieve the desired and mutually agreed targets, progressive achievements are needed from each stage that needs to be done. For this reason, the task of implementing changes and improvements is the responsibility of the relevant officers or individuals who will be continuously monitored

detailed session

A comprehensive report on the achievements that have been done will be a periodic report in accordance with periodic milestones which will become common references. Together with our clients, we will sit together and discuss the achievements that have been obtained to continue to be developed and perfected.

quick check

By implementing the performance metrics system for each expected progressive stage, if there is any deviation on its implementation it will be easily detected so that the corrective action steps will be taken immediately to return it to the correct process.

unlock your potential



In many cases the company’s profit achievement is not optimal because of the large amount of waste that occurs. Waste is the main enemy in any company which must be addressed and ensured that it is unsustainable. Excellentia Consulting will helps clients to identify and tackle waste, moreover to ensure prevention


Apart from the results of Waste Elimination, Maximizing Profits can also be achieved through the implementation of other operational strategies, such as the implementation of S.O.P’s which comply with principles, includes: determining performance management, assigning people according to their competence, etc. Everything is intended to ensure the achievement of an optimal level of profitability for the client.

sustainable growth

Frequently asked question is how to maintain the optimal level of profitability that has been achieved in the long run. Just as what clients think, It’s our main concern as well for our clients. Therefore, the main objective of the Profit Solution program is to ensure that the profits generated are sustainable