One of the professions that is getting more and more targeted is that of product manager. Currently, companies engaged in technology are in dire need of someone to fill this position. Why? This article will go over the duties and responsibilities, abilities, and salaries of product managers in detail.

Get to know the Product Manager Profession

A product manager’s job is to produce a product of good quality and be able to translate the right product. A product manager must be able to create relevant products that match the problems faced by the users.

It can be said that this position is in charge of managing products and anything related to a product. So, starting with the ideation process, the product manager will be in charge of idea execution and product operations.

A product manager must be good at coordinating with stakeholders and creating useful features for users with all the existing limitations both in terms of resources and time. This means that product managers must understand all aspects of a company’s business.

Product Manager Duties and Responsibilities

What about the duties and responsibilities of the product manager profession? You may already have an idea of its duties and responsibilities from the above definition. In product management, there is a Venn diagram, which is often used in product management.

From the diagram, it can be concluded that PM’s position is in the overlap between UX, tech, and business. So a product manager will bridge the three fields to create a product.

A product manager is responsible for a variety of tasks, including the following.are some of them:

  • Conduct product research and define a product strategy and roadmap.
  • Handling Product Problems, monitoring product performance and determining areas that need to be addressed by the product.
  • Determine product specifications in detail.
  • Establish communication and collaborate with other teams (engineering, finance, customer service, etc.) to develop products.

A Product Manager Must Have

There are several abilities or skills that a product manager must have. This skill must be possessed so that the job can run smoothly. What are the skills that must be possessed?

The ability to analyze and understand data. Analyzing and understanding data is an ability that must be possessed by a PM. Data can help one understand several aspects of a product’s performance, as well as validate ideas. Analyst data is very helpful in determining decisions. both in terms of business strategy and product development.

Having strategic thinking: A PM must have strategic thinking about why the product is important and what the product wants to achieve. As a result, a PM must understand every detail of his product and consider what strategies must be implemented to ensure the product’s success.

Project Management In project management, there are three main elements: scope, time, and resources. A PM must be able to make a product roadmap within a certain period of time as a guideline to stay focused and prioritize which features have the greatest impact.

excellent communication abilities,Because the PM is someone who bridges relationships with various divisions. Beginning with Developer and progressing to MarketingThat’s why interpersonal skills are important to have. So the PM must know how to communicate well, from leading meetings to negotiating.

At least a PM must understand coding because if PMs must relate and collaborate with the development team to create products, then at least a PM must understand coding. Understanding the coding of a PM can help the team when dealing with a challenge and the development process. That’s why you have to learn to code if you want to become a product manager.

Technical Skills A PM must have technical expertise in product architecture and the ability to identify bugs. With this capability, it is hoped that a PM will understand the technical constraints faced without having to consult first.

Salary of a Product Manager

How much is a product manager’s salary? Product managers’ profession is very important in the company. This profession is important for start-up companies or startups.

Product Manager salaries vary based on experience and career path. Based on information on job vacancies, the salary ranges from 4 million to 10 million per month in Indonesia. The salary is, of course, based on the location and the company where you work.

Based on information from Glassdoor and, product manager salaries in the US can reach 67 million per month and even hundreds of millions per month. If this profession is a very important position in a company and the salary is very similar, this is unquestionably a fantastic value.

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