Is online business easy? Hey, don’t get me wrong! There are many theories and knowledge that you must know so that your business doesn’t get stuck in the middle of the road, one of which is about content marketing. Curious about the meaning of content marketing and its ins and outs? Come on, see the explanation below!

Understanding Content Marketing:

Many people say that content marketing is the best marketing model available today. Wow! Isn’t it cool? But, do you know what that term means?

According to experts, content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves the creation and distribution of relevant, valuable, and consistent content. The purpose of this marketing strategy is to make the audience interested in the products, goods, or services that you offer.

So that the content you create can function optimally, there are three important conditions that should not be missed, you know. These requirements include being important, consistent, and relevant. In other words, content can’t be created haphazardly!

If you are writing content, make sure the material is important to convey so the audience doesn’t feel like they are wasting their time. But being important is not enough. The content must also match your business so that readers don’t get confused with the products you sell.

Finally, the content must be consistent. That is, consistent in terms of the manner of delivery and style of language until the ideas are conveyed. If it’s like this, the audience is guaranteed to be waiting for your next post!

Types of Content Marketing

Knowing about the definition of content marketing is not enough to make an online business skyrocket. You also have to know the various types of marketing content that are effective and most often used by online marketers. Just check out the types of content marketing below!

Social media

You must have a social media account, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Instead of just stalking your ex or crush, why don’t you use it to make Rupiah coffers?

Yes, social media is one of the most powerful tools for growing a business. You can post marketing content that meets the three conditions mentioned above, complete with fantastic photography.

The more likes and followers you get, the greater your chance to grow your business. Make sure you also learn how to write catchy content so that your audience will be interested in stalking your social media account!


Do you know? It turns out that blogs are the most fundamental form of content marketing! The reason is that blogs can be used to convey complete information and ideas. So, the audience doesn’t need to look for info elsewhere because everything they are looking for is already contained in one article.

Interestingly, blogs can also be a long-term investment because of their high level of resilience compared to other forms of content. According to research, blog content can last up to two years. Cool!


Email is one type of content marketing that you should not miss. Compared to social media such as Facebook or Twitter, the use of email for marketing purposes has a much higher effectiveness, even up to 40 times. Imagine how practical it is!

The form of content that you can send via email can vary. For example, you can create promotional emails, newsletters, or shopping cart reminder emails. Make sure you use interesting language to make it more engaging.


If blog articles or emails aren’t enough for the content you create, you can try using an ebook. This cool form of marketing content is quite reliable because it can contain much more information in an attractive format.

Even more interesting, you can create conditions that require people who want to download the ebook to enter their email. That way, you can also use email for promotional purposes in the future. Practical, right?


Bored with the same written content? Don’t worry, you can switch to videos too. This marketing content is perfect for an audience that is too lazy to read long posts.

Videos can also make visitors spend more time on your page. The good news is that Google will also give you good marks on your page or blog. What else are you trying to do?

Content Marketing Functions

Now you know what content marketing is and its types are. But, do you know what the real function of content marketing is?

It turns out that content marketing doesn’t just work for marketing, you know. There are many other functions that you may not know about. Let’s see here.

Creating a Brand Identity

It turns out that humans are not the only ones who need an identity. For those of you who are launching your own brand, building a brand identity is a must. The more people who know about your brand, the greater the opportunity to grow your business.

Building Connections with Customers

Content marketing can also serve to build good and trusted relationships with customers. This method is very effective, you know, so that customers don’t move to another heart. But, you have to make sure the content you create is in accordance with consumer segmentation.

Increase Sales

Surely this is the function you expected. Interesting content can increase audience conversions into consumers. That is, the level of sales of your goods or services can increase as well.

How to Increase Web Traffic

The more visitors on your website or social media, the greater the opportunity to reap rupiah coffers due to increased sales. So, don’t underestimate the function of content marketing on this one.

The Advantages of Content Marketing

After understanding the meaning of content marketing, the question that often arises is why should you do content marketing? Can you use other marketing strategies?

Content marketing gets the nickname as the best marketing model today. Not without reason, you know. There are various advantages possessed by this marketing strategy. What are you?

More Diverse Content

If conventional marketing usually only has 3 to 5 versions of the message, content marketing can support more than 50 unique and interesting content each month. In other words, your brand can have a greater opportunity to reach consumers according to their segmentation.

Measured Performance

Another advantage that you can get from content marketing is that it has a more measurable performance, so content can be optimized. With digital media optimization, you can measure the performance of each piece of content on a regular basis, whether from reactions, conversions, or visit rates.


Most interestingly, content marketing is much more cost-efficient than conventional marketing, such as advertising. You don’t have to pay a lot of money for ads that people don’t necessarily see. Champion indeed!

Now you know the meaning of content marketing and its ins and outs, right? Are you ready to build an online business? To be more reliable, don’t forget to learn how to create good and interesting content so you can build engagement with the audience. Good luck!

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