The data center, supported by government regulations, ensures that the investment is not half-hearted and will reach a value of Rp. 11 trillion. The era of digitalizing banking and business people has begun in Indonesia over the past few years. All sectors include government competition to transform digital. So what is the role of information technology consultants in this matter?

The Important Role of Information Technology Consultant

Of course, in the framework of digital transformation, organizations have begun designing a strategy to change all work routine processes from A to Z to become paperless. This really needs a detailed and detailed design. In order for the digital transformation process in an organization to not collide with the daily operational routines that must continue to run,

Even though your organization has full confidence in carrying out digital transformation, it remains wiser if there is a second opinion. So that all planning can run smoothly by preventing the occurrence of operational downtime when the process is being carried out.Good information technology consultants in a digital transformation process in an organization will advise your organization to:

Studying the entire series of processes in an organization while recognizing existing information systems

The system design is based on the existing process for simplification, so that the organization can get up to speed to do its work.

Back up all your work by providing a backup and restoring facilities. If your organization already has a disaster recovery plan, you are ready at this point.

Using the DevOps system in a virtual environment is better than using a docker containerization platform. Because of this,

The developer who pays for digital transformation affairs can quickly complete his work with ease of collaboration and communication with your IT internal operations.

Application testing can be done without having to collide with existing operational systems. Because the dock includes an insulation system for each container,

Applications created can run with existing applications and run on other platforms.

Make automation necessary for routine tasks.

However, outsiders will be able to see the problems that exist in your internal organization. Because your internal parties are too soluble in a series of daily processes for years, without the 5 factors above, digital transformation in your organization will go all the way back to square one.

The goal of digital transformation is not only to eliminate paper.

We used to know about the digital transformation so that it would reduce paper use and that all data could be digital. This is one of the goals of digital transformation, but the technology and flow of work culture in the digital world are growing.

In addition to going paperless, digital transformation aims to fully integrate the system with other systems. systems in your internal environment and the systems of third parties. As in governments that carry out governance between agencies, integration with other systems is either full or automatic, which is very important. This can reduce entry and waste time errors so that internal staff can focus more on organizational development.

There are some interesting things that are developing now. If the Gofood and Grabfood applications have fire (interface programming), the e-commerce website can be fully integrated. It must also be supported with payment modules such as BCA, KlikPay, and so on. Order automation in public services is an important factor for survival or winning competition. IT consultants have long been aware of innovations in simplifying the process for all parties involved in an affair.

As an example,

For example, a food business is like a steak restaurant that has hundreds of branches throughout Indonesia. They could face fierce competition from steak restaurants that only have dozens of branches. Fewer restaurants can cater to online orders from multiple platforms because fewer restaurants can serve online orders from multiple platforms.Good from Gofood, Grabfood, the Tokopedia app, Bukalapak, Foodpanda, Click EAT, and other similar services.So that services for “hunger” from consumers can be quickly fulfilled by fewer restaurants.

From the picture above, we can understand that any restaurant can lose the opportunity to sell in the era of digital evolution now. This is indeed a shift that is happening, but the Uber application has begun to implement this fire system. Therefore, IT consultant services are needed to consult on this problem, so you can anticipate.

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