What is Facebook Ads?

Before using the Facebook Ads service, first identify the meaning of this paid advertising feature. Facebook Ads are a medium for advertising to a target market that is also a Facebook user. Because paid ads that are arranged and managed will be displayed on the user’s homepage and sidebar.

Although the scope of the display of ads is limited to Facebook users, the effect is very large. This could be because the number of Facebook users in Indonesia has reached hundreds of millions of people. As a result, nearly three-quarters of Indonesia’s population has an account on this social media platform.Opportunities are widely known and an increase in turnover is wide open.

Details of How to Use Facebook Ads

In order for ads on Facebook Ads to work effectively and bring profit, you need to know how to use Facebook Ads. Here’s how:

1. Making Pages

The first step to being able to use the Facebook Ads service is to choose a page or business-specific page. So make sure you have made it, namely by opening the “Facebook Pages” menu and just following the instructions displayed by Facebook.

2. Navigate to the Facebook Ads Manager page.

After creating a page or business page, the next step is to open the Facebook Ads Manager page. Because this is where there is an ad manager feature.

3. Navigate to the Campaign Menu.

After entering the Facebook Ads Manager page, you can search for the Campaign menu. Then you can select the “Create Ad” button to directly connect to the ad settings page.

4. Make any necessary adjustments.

The next step is to adjust the ads according to your needs. Starting with determining the purpose of the ad, whether to introduce a brand or to build interaction with Facebook users, Next is to choose the ad type, and there are two options, namely the Split Test type and Budget Optimization. For beginners, it is safer to use Budget Optimization because Split Tests usually take up to double the budget.

Of course, you can immediately give the name of the ad, and of course, it’s free to suit your taste and needs. Only then can you choose the direction the ad leads to, whether to WhatsApp contacts, company websites, or others. Then set it to show promos by sliding the available button.

Next is to determine the target of the account that will see the ad, and it can be set according to the target market that has been determined at the beginning. The settings start with age, gender, and location. After that, you can make ad display settings. It is recommended to select “Automatic Placement.” Because Facebook will help determine the best places for ads to appear.

Next is to set the ad schedule to run. You can advertise for only one day or more. Especially for beginners, it would be better to arrange a month because it is not too short and not vice versa. Next, create a text or ad sentence and upload an ad image, making sure it complies with Facebook’s terms so that the ad is approved and served immediately.

Details of ad settings on Facebook can essentially be adjusted based on needs because it is guaranteed that settings will differ from one brand to the next.The essence of how to use Facebook Ads is as previously described.You just have to adjust to your needs, including the budget. Because you can set the cost of each click in Facebook Ads.

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