A data analyst can work in almost all agencies, be it e-commerce, transportation management, banking, health, insurance, and others. This profession requires us to understand the origin of data and how to analyze it.

More and more companies are looking for professionals to hire as data analysts. If you want to work as a data analyst and are just starting out, there are some basic requirements that must be met in this job. In this article, DQLab will help you get a big picture of the career path of this profession, starting from entry-level data analyst (beginner), junior to senior. Here’s the explanation:

Data Analyst Entry Level

An entry-level data analyst is a career path for those who have just graduated from university and are starting a career in this field. The requirements to become an entry-level data analyst include basic skills such as analytical and critical thinking skills, the ability to work in teams, and good mathematical skills. Many companies want these young data analysts to work to increase their knowledge and learn to gain experience in the ins and outs of data analysis techniques. Therefore, many companies have special training programs designed for those who want to work as data analysts.

The role and responsibilities of an entry-level data analyst are to assist supervisors and senior teams with their primary work, practice, and learn how to analyze data using programs to perform tasks. If you decide to become a data analyst, there are many career paths to choose from. Especially if you want a bigger salary and want to level up to become a junior data analyst, you should study this data topic further.

Data Analyst, Junior

In this career path, junior data analysts already have sufficient experience in data analysis techniques and are quite adaptable to various job challenges. A junior data analyst has roles and responsibilities that are somewhat different from entry-level data analysts. They are tasked with interpreting and translating data with various analytical methods, collecting data, segmenting, and visualizing the results of the analysis.

Data Analyst, Senior

Senior data analysts are those who are very experienced in the field of data analysis. They are people who do complex tasks and who also prepare beginners to learn how to analyze data more deeply. Requirements to advance on this career ladder are to have experience, proven skills, and complete knowledge of how to manipulate large amounts of data. These data analysts must also be able to use all the tools related to data analysis, such as visualization and data management.

As a senior data analyst, you will have some big responsibilities. First, you must be able to work under pressure to fulfill difficult tasks or work to specific deadlines. As a senior data analysis expert, you must be very responsible for the results of your own analysis because these results will greatly influence the decisions taken in the company where you work.

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