Some company in their development, have not met or going to the right directions, although seems that the planning and strategy has been carefully planned and executed

There are five approaches to move your company in the right direction:

  • Don’t hire emotionally ignorant leaders. Some leaders instill fear in people because they don’t know any other way to motivate; they are not self-aware and not empathetic to the needs of others. Keep them out; encourage self-discovery.
  • Leave your baggage at the door. New hires bring all kinds of behaviors with them that are not natural: At their previous job, they were told to not question, not share, don’t think, just do. Not only is that not normal, it pollutes the work culture of their new job. A business  needs inquisitive employees who are willing to question everything. We think on-boarding mentors can help with this.
  • Comfortable with the unknown. With a willingness to question everything, sometimes you’ll find things that don’t have a lot of structure, projects that might be still trying to find their way. There needs to be comfort in exploring the unknown, and this attitude needs to permeate your company culture, from upper management to employees.
  • Be vulnerable. You don’t have all the answers. That’s why you hire other people; they have the answers, and to get the best out of them, you need to lower your deflector shield.
  • Share the good, share the bad. Sometimes things are going well; sometimes they are not. Share the good and the bad and find the forums to do it.

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