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Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a great opportunity for your business to grow and reach new heights. We will help you to leverage the use of internet and implement the right digital marketing mechanism as part of your business strategy to efficiently and effectively to compete in this digital era. To coach and to help you understand the basic of digital marketing, what is necessary and how to implement it, so that you don't missed out and able to choose which strategy is most suitable for your business and with the best and lowest budget


What's Included


As our client, together we will discuss in more detail to identify and break down the existing problems, which teams or individuals who will be involved, the methodology to be implemented, determining the milestones on achieving the main goals, etc.

unlimited email

Email will be the effective means of communication, especially in situations where face-to-face meetings are difficult. Each of your e-mails will be handled directly by the relevant coach and will be answered no later than 1 x 24 hours


We are very aware that each client has its own privileges on running their business. Therefore, the required solutions and approaches will be specially designed matched with the client's needs, situations and conditions


In order to achieve the desired and mutually agreed targets, progressive achievements are needed from each stage that needs to be done. For this reason, the task of implementing changes and improvements is the responsibility of the relevant officers or individuals who will be continuously monitored

detailed session

A comprehensive report on the achievements that have been done will be a periodic report in accordance with periodic milestones which will become common references. Together with our clients, we will sit together and discuss the achievements that have been obtained to continue to be developed and perfected.

quick check

By implementing the performance metrics system for each expected progressive stage, if there is any deviation on its implementation it will be easily detected so that the corrective action steps will be taken immediately to return it to the correct process.

unlock your potential


Fundamental of Digital Marketing

In this digital era,  every company is competing to sell and introduce their products on the internet, without internet your business would fall behind. With our service, you would learn the fundamental of digital marketing, to learn the impact of digital marketing in your business and what benefits you can get by using digital marketing in your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy implementation

Digital marking in today’s era is very important for every business, especially for promoting their products and also for market penetration, if you don’t know the right strategy, you would spend unnecessary costs with unsatisfactory results. We will help you in choosing appropriate and precise strategies according to your objectives and products

Cost-effective and more measurable

With digital marketing, we will help you to get more of your marketing spend, which in traditional marketing, it’s very difficult for small businesses with limited budgets to compete with larger businesses for ad space. Moreover, you would be able to analyze your marketing campaigns in real-time