Think your employees get your company's culture? They might not see it the same way you do: New research has revealed disconnects between managers and their employees regarding their companies' values and culture
Starting a business partnership is an exciting time, full of new challenges, shared vision and celebrations of small successes. During the good times, keeping a relationship on solid ground while running a business is easy. But what do you do when you do not agree, and the honeymoon period is over?
Company culture makes a difference for employees, which means hiring and retaining talent that effectively meets goals. If a company is leading with fear and lack of self-awareness, the company is more likely to have a high turnover
How is potential future business impacted when a company is caught with its hand in the cookie jar? New research from the University of Notre Dame suggests what you might already expect: unethical behavior is immensely damaging to a business's future prospects.
A half-century after Jim Thompson vanished in the Malaysian jungle, the American spy turned Thai silk baron lives on--and not only in the films and books that continue to appear, rehashing or offering new theories on his perplexing disappearance. Eaten by tigers? Killed by the CIA or Communist rebels? Or did the 61-year-old simply take a misstep and tumble into a ravine?
Leadership is critical for all companies. Workers need someone to look, learn and prosper.Each leader has his own style and strategy. In addition, leadership styles and methods vary due to external influences and personal challenges. While leadership is unique to all, there are several common ways to define the term.