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Human Resource

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Human Resource Management is the function within an organization that focuses on the recruitment and providing direction for the people who work in an organization, it is : ‘the link between employee and employer’ – a link that, when if it’s not strong enough, can lead to costly damage.

They are also responsible for the ongoing development of and retention of superior employees. Effective Human Resource Management enables employees to contribute effectively and productively to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of the organization’s goals and objectives.

Excellentia Consulting can help you in this critical and important function to ensure your Human Resource Management and Organization Strategy works well. We have several programs that can specifically designed to appropriately address the need of your organization and business. We will work with you to draft up and design how your Human Resource strategy fits into the overall goals of the business and how it will add value going forward.


Excellentia Consulting provides the expert services and resources needed to ensure your recruitment efforts pay off for the long-term! From the very start of identifying the skills needed to the end of the candidate evaluation and selection, Excellentia Consulting ensures your workforce additions are the right fit for your organization.


Having the right Job descriptions are the foundation of organizational performance. It is a critical process of every organization in developing foundations of measured success philosophy.
In Exccellentia Consulting, we work with our clients to develop effective templates of job description, identify critical goals and unique qualifiers of their organization, and then we help to establish and connect each job’s duties back to the critical goals of the organization. This ensures alignment of each job to the overall success of the organization, while providing the details needed to support effective job performance.


In order to know what does it take to be successful in a particular position, jobs are analyzed to identify the requirements needed for employees to be successful on the job – helping both the employer and the employee. There are numerous methods of analyzing jobs including observation, interviewing, questionnaires, competency profiling, etc. Regardless of the method used, Excellentia Consulting focuses on the job itself and not the person performing the job, this ensures accuracy of job function regardless of who is performing it.


Performance management systems are driven by business needs, organizational culture and the system’s integration with other human resource management systems. It increases employees’ accountability of their on-the-job performance and provide a more objective tool for measuring employees’ success.

Performance Management System improve success rates for reaching overall organizational goals, it provides a fair and objective measurement for operational and business decisions, such as performance rewards, compensation, downsizing, etc. Excellentia Consulting helps our clients to design performance management systems and tools to systematically produce a meaningful measured results.


It is the best interest of Excellentia Consulting to help our clients achieve the future they envision. Our goal of all delivered training is to improve performance and enhance employee skills. Our leadership- and management-level trainings not only improve participants’ performance at work, but also increase our clients’ bottom lines. Every training module we offer is developed to meet the needs of our client, while incorporating their culture, vision, and philosophies into the training.

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– Lawrence Bossidy –

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Globalization, constant technological innovation, and a volatile global economy require organizations to undertake strategic projects and pursue new business objectives in order to maintain their competitiveness and improve profitability.

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Achieving your business objectives requires more than meeting sales goals; it’s knowing the potential your business has and seeing it flourish. Financial expertise and profitability go hand in hand, the conditions in today’s global business market, such as rapidly changing regulations, increased scrutiny of company financials, complex, nonrecurring business transactions, and complex accounting standards, strain the capabilities of many finance organizations.

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Seminars and Trainings

Our company offers a series of trainings, coachings and seminars services individually as well as group or public, that support individuals and organizations in maintaining and increasing their energy, focus and vision