Some times, Bosses like to joke with their employees to try to boost their spirits. However, this way of humor is felt not to depend on the jokes being told, but on the relationship that both exist, according to a new study.

According to a recent study published in the journal Group & Organization Management, bosses who use humor as a way to increase the happiness of their employees get the results they want when they have a good relationship with their employees. .

In general, positive humor, inclusive and good humor is considered a good trait among leaders and negative, aggressive and offensive humors are considered a bad trait, says Christopher Robert, one of the study’s authors and professor at the University of Missouri.

“The use of positive and negative humor by leaders is positively related to the satisfaction of their subordinate work when the relationship between the leader and his subordinates is good,” Robert said in a statement. “However, when the leader-subordinate relationship is bad, both negative and positive humor types are associated with low job satisfaction – in other words, for leaders, good moods have bad effects and bad moods have a good effect on their subordinates.

For this study, researchers developed two sets of appropriate questionnaires, one for leaders and one for their subordinates. The researchers analyzed responses of about 70 leaders and 241 subordinates in 54 organizations.

“The findings show that if leaders want to incorporate humor into their interactions with their subordinates, they should first assess whether their subordinates are likely to interpret their positive humor openings,” says Robert. “If there is a good relationship between leader and subordinate, then the humor – whether positive or negative – will only help maintain the right relationship.”

Based on the research, researchers believe that instead of using humor to try to establish relationships with their employees, they should seek to establish connections in other ways, such as clear communication, treatment. fair and helpful comments

“Humor can then be used to maintain this strong relationship,” Robert said.

While humor in a negative tone can work to improve job satisfaction in relationships, this does not mean that the boss should not notice the joke they are telling. Robert says that jokes with racial or sexual stereotypes may not be positively accepted in all cases, and a large amount of negative or aggressive humor may also be considered unacceptable.

The research was co-authored by Timothy Dunne, Assistant Professor of Management at Middle Tennessee State University, and Joyce Iun of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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