The age of digital has created a demand for consistent, high-quality online content, especially for businesses. “Social networks create a space where you can find your target audience and make it more accessible to your brand,” says Talya Miller, manager of the social networking community and digital marketing agency Sculpt.

Content marketing requires brands to constantly think outside the box and learn from past performance to know what will be effective with their audience. However, creating great content can not be formulated, says Austin Paley, corporate marketing communications manager of Blue Fountain Media.

Miller and Paley share four common mistakes in content marketing, and what to do instead.

Receive all guest blog opportunities

Blog guest out of first post is one of the most popular content marketing strategies out there. Paley noted that this tactic could hurt his business now.

“In the past, good content marketing dictated that you should write high-quality content as often as possible for sites that request it, but in the modern era you should be a little more careful,” he said. “Valuable and well-written content can be a problem if published on websites that have low-quality content.”

Content marketers should take the time to check the quality of websites looking for guest writers before writing, Paley said. You will get the most out of your blog and avoid publications that can make search engines punish you.

Speaking excessively

Consumers follow your brand to learn your story. They rely on you to get news and other information related to your product or service, assuming that a human is behind a social networking account. It helps create a unique voice for your brand, which can only be created through content marketing.

“Sometimes, brands forget that their customers are human,” Miller told Business News Daily. “Humans become numbers and sales targets, but when you think of your audience in terms of being human, you find a way to connect.”

Miller recommends giving before asking as a general rule for brands on social networks. You market products and services, but at the same time, your clients expect interesting narratives from a human perspective.

“Give your audience useful information, interact with them, tell your story, through your brand and your employees,” he added. “As soon as you give something positive to your audience, you need to ask something in return.Talk to your audience in a friendly way, but stay in line with the brand voice.”

Error while considering SEO from other sites.

SEO plays a very important role in content marketing. Sellers know this, but often just consider SEO from their own sites and forget about other sites with which they can be linked. Before connecting with external websites to assist you in your content marketing efforts, whether through a guest blog post or a link, know whether the site has the appropriate domain authority to stay connected to Google.

“To get high-quality placements, [marketers] need to understand good online publications from an SEO perspective,” Paley said. “While being put into a highly traded or similar site may seem like a good location, it can often hurt business [if the site has bad SEO].”

Recycle content too often

Quality content takes time to create and should not be skipped. The bigger your audience, the more people will consume your content, potentially every day.

“The size and activity of your audience will influence how often you share content,” Miller said. “If you have a large audience, sharing a publication more than once a week (or sometimes a day) is not a bad thing.”

Viewers will lose content because they are not online 24/7. Miller recommends sharing interesting and popular publications at lunchtime and again at night. However, share the complementary content between your actions to avoid spreading spam to your followers, he says. For example, interact with your followers, share articles and retweets of relevant hashtags in between.

“Be reflective about the publication,” he added.

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