Product management is a basic knowledge that must be possessed to be able to develop the right and successful product. Product Management is, what a Product Manager is and its duties, and the Lean Product Process to explain what stages need to be passed in building a product.

Even though it has been done many years ago, the terms “product management” or “product manager” still seem foreign to most people, especially in Indonesia. Atlassian describes product management as an organizational function that guides all stages in the product manufacturing cycle, from the development, positioning, and pricing stages, and makes the product and customer the main focus.

Product management itself is generally divided into product development (the process of bringing a new product to market) and product marketing (the process of promoting and selling a product to customers). The entire process carried out to be able to develop and market products to customers is the responsibility of a product manager (PM).

What is a Product Manager?

Ben Horowitz, CEO of Opsware, refers to product managers as the “mini CEOs” or “CEOs” of a product. For Ben, a product manager is the CEO of a product and is fully responsible for developing the right product at the right time and then measuring the success of that product.

However, Danny Grenzowski, a product manager at Amazon, said that the term “Mini CEO” is not quite right. Danny argues that the product manager’s job does seem similar to what a CEO in a company does in terms of leading, managing, and making strategic decisions. However, there is a difference between a product manager and a company’s CEO: the product manager does everything without the authority of a CEO. One of the challenges that must be faced in becoming a product manager is how a product manager is able to manage and conquer what needs to be done to make a product successful without any authority.

Then, if the term “Mini CEO” is not appropriate for explaining what a product manager is, what definition is appropriate to describe the duties of a product manager? Intercom, a company that makes messaging platforms, has the right explanation.

According to Intercom, a product manager is the key to making a product whose duties include engineering, marketing, research, and project management. The Product Manager job requires a relentless focus on the entirety of product creation, from design, manufacture, name, branding, and marketing techniques. All united in one vision of a Product Manager.

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