The success of a company often depends on how well employees collaborate with others, not only with those who work every day, but also with them from other departments. The biggest challenge is to achieve synergy between departments often because employees must associate with a combination of personality.

The most successful and satisfied employees work well with almost everyone, Building relationships between departments ensures increased collaboration, smoother processes and greater influence for professionals, the key to positive collaboration between departments lies in finding out ways to support each other, even when not everyone agrees

A little empathy can be very helpful in promoting goodwill and encouraging a positive work environment for all.To help employees and businesses improve interdepartmental collaboration there are few tips:

Freedom to speak: when working with colleagues in other departments, give everyone a chance to talk. Also, ask your colleagues who are less vocal for their thinking to make sure they have the opportunity to intervene.

Do not avoid confrontation: conflicts between departments can not be avoided. The key is how you solve it. Pretending that the problem does not exist will not solve the problem or encourage collaboration. Rather than trying to avoid confrontation, take time to resolve the conflict peacefully. During this discussion, be sure to listen to everything you say.

Do not burn bridges: it’s important to try to build a bridge instead of burning it. Give yourself a better idea of ​​colleagues’ approaches and improve their relationships by trying to see things from their perspective. Try to better understand the pressures that colleagues face in their own work.

Becoming good sharers: Do not be afraid to inform all members of the company what’s going on in every department. Companies that voluntarily share information between departments tend to see greater efficiency and higher staff morale, according to Robert Half. In addition, it provides an overview of how each part of the company works to help everyone to better understand the time and resources needed for inter-departmental projects.

Be social: it’s important to meet colleagues in other departments. Spend time away from the office, either at a company meeting or at lunch, with this co-worker to strengthen relationships, making it easier to work together when needed.

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