Like a plant, a business requires attention, attention and the right conditions to grow and flourish. You might think that you have your growth formula all worked out, but if you have tried it and are not achieving the results you want, it might be time to take a different approach.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders shared their experiences with some unconventional and unconventional methods for growth, and offered advice to take their business to the next level.

Become a trusted resource
It seems counter-intuitive, but sometimes the best way to make a sale is by not selling anything. Playing the long game – that is, offering help and advice without strings to build a relationship – earns the trust of a prospect and makes that person more likely to come to you in the future.

Become a trusted resource within your industry and community, a great way to do this is to actively participate in relevant social media groups, blogs, forums, etc. you can participate in any conversation where you can provide information and advice for the curious, but assure yourself No To promote and sell your services directly, these are not their traditional channels of customer acquisition, so they should not be addressed as such. ”
This approach allows to position yourself as an expert, and keeps you up to date with the latest industry trends, so you will know what your customers are looking for

Reduce your focus
Most startups dream of huge growth in their early days. But taking 0 to 100 right away is not always the best way to grow. John Shapiro, director of product management at the Intuit small business group, advised him to limit his growth early on and fine-tune a very small segment of his target market.

Focus on a small microcosm, whether geography, vertical industry or something else. You want to get to critical density, which is much easier to do if you reduce the terrain you’re trying to cover. Think about Facebook’s growth strategy – they focused on one, then two, then four campus. Over time, and it was years before they opened to all consumers. ”
A highly focused and personalized service to its first customers will generate a positive word of mouth brand very quickly, Shapiro said. This will help you build that solid foundation you need for further growth in the future.

Try a new sales channel
Retail today is all about Omni-channel customer service and marketing: You have to be where your customers are and reach them with your favorite channels. The Omni-channel mentality can even apply to the locations where you sell your products.

Many retailers operating out of a physical store have expanded their operations to the web and sell products both online and in the store. Online businesses can only benefit from this approach by expanding to a brick and mortar location if they have the resources for it.

For example, online mattress retailer Leesa recently opened a flagship store in New York City to showcase their products in a new and different way than they had been doing. It may seem unconventional and even counter-intuitive, but often for e-commerce companies, establishing a physical presence of brick and mortar is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive online leads and generate brand awareness

Take a risk
Entrepreneurship is about getting out of their comfort zone, so taking a risk may not seem all that unconventional. But the specific risk you take – what is it seems to be too wild and “out there” for your business – could prove to be the spark that serves as a catalyst for growth.

Kerrie Hileman, owner of White Magnolia’s bridal boutiques, said a reality television star recently bought one of her stores for an upcoming segment of her show with a camera crew. Hileman admitted she was wary of being filmed and nervous about how the business could be portrayed in the show, but ended up having a very positive experience. As a result, the reality star introduced The White Magnolia on its Instagram page and gave a huge boost to Hileman’s business.

“The group was absolutely amazing to work with,” he told Business News Daily. “We have noticed a big leap in our Instagram follow up and even had brides who went shopping because they knew the star of reality found their dress here. We are so happy that we take the risk, and it has already been paid ten times.”
If you want to grow your business unconventionally and successfully, you need to be comfortable taking the right risks.

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