New job search is not easy. Hundreds, if not thousands of other qualified candidates are competing for the attention of recruiters and hiring managers in your field. This makes it imperative to find ways to stand out above the crowd.

This makes it extremely important to find a way to stand out from the crowd (from other candidates), the most successful candidates are those who are different from the rest of the crowd.

Standing in a sea of applicants is not a small challenge, but with the right strategy, you can bring your resume to the top of the pile of human resources managers. Here are four ways to do that:

Take a good look at your social profile
As expected, social networking has become a reference tool for today’s recruiters. Most candidates have profiles on at least one major networking site, so it makes sense to hire managers to investigate potential employees at those locations. You may know how to keep your social presence free of dubious content, but if you have not taken the time to actively improve the SEO of your profile to find your work, you may want to think about doing it now.
Be sure to always update your social profile with these terms and maintain relevant experience and information, if you want to get the attention of recruiters, keep up this information.

Keep your resume with you on the road
Although mobile app work is not standard across the board, it’s becoming more popular. In 2014, LinkedIn reported that 45 percent of active job-seekers have used a mobile device to apply for a job, and that number may have increased since then.¬†Recruiters are looking for a new job yesterday,they do not want [the position] to be published forever, asking him as soon as possible, if you see him while you’re on the go [and you have your resume in hand] you can immediately request him.

Because recruiters increasingly use mobile devices to review work apps, it’s even more important to make sure your resume looks good on any screen. It is recommended sending your CV via email and opening the attached PDF file on your phone to verify and correct any formatting issues.

Prepare for a video interview
Another emerging recruitment trend is the use of video applications and interviews. Employers are currently talking to potential employees through Skype and reviewing video content created by the candidate, which is seen as an effective time and cost evaluation method. Therefore, it is advisable to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

This video will give people a chance to stand out, everything is in line with the company’s understanding and the role they want to acquire, and then linking their skills and experience to that role and the organization’s ultimate goal. This can be done in writing, but it can also be done pretty well in the video.
[Recruiters] are beginning to take advantage of the video to select candidates, [They can] send video requests for candidates to answer one or two questions, it really gives job-seekers a profit and shows their creativity, skills and professionalism.

Network with potential employers online
Professional exhibition events and excellent direct networking to build relationships with prospective employers, but do not underestimate the power of participating in conversations and online communities, whether active or passive, to connect on social networks with companies for whom they may want to work, especially if people and companies have a reciprocal relationship is necessary.

Keep in touch early and often It helps your chances to be hired later. If it’s a reference from someone [related to the company], consider who is directing you [so that he] can take advantage of it. Start participating in professional websites or discussion forums in communities relevant to work or industry where you are interested, be sure to know the latest news from the company through the most frequent updates.

Be unique (but not intrusive)
A courageous and courageous approach to your work application can attract the attention of the human resources manager, but not always what you want. The 2015 survey conducted by CareerBuilder found that some job seekers used strange tactics and eventually stood out for the wrong reasons. These methods include answering calls during interviews and pretending it is another job offer, using accessories to answer interview questions, and sending human resource managers coupons for free food.

Candidates that when they tried to get too separated, it often distracted the hiring manager from seeing the skills and qualifications of the applicant, who would determine whether the person was getting a job. Job-seekers who want to try something a little different during the recruitment process should remember to relate it to their skills and why they qualify for that position.

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