Whether it launches startup to investors or sells cars at dealers, successful sellers are very important for every business. But as many have tried in sales can prove, not all are made for this work.

Identifying the key characteristics needed for sales success can help you determine if you have what it takes for a sales career. It can also help business owners identify and hire better sales candidates for results.

Business News Daily talks with business leaders to discover the features that most effective and productive sellers have.

1. They care about the client’s interests.

Your customers want to get to know you … understand your challenges, dreams and goals, and consider carefully why your solution makes sense, and want to make sure you care about your best interests. You must be sure that you care [more] about their mission and the greater good, than their number.

2. They have confidence.

If you do not believe in your product, it will not make customers trust your product, if you can confidently explain how your product or service will solve the problem for customers, then you have customers in the palm of your hand.

3. They are always active.

Good sellers … always aware of their circumstances and environments, can see how your product or service can have a positive impact on their environment, and be prepared to present and make a sale anytime.

4. They hold.

The main sales winners have the unique ability to overcome difficulties, overcome obstacles, optimize performance against adversity, they get rejection as a personal challenge to success with the next consumer.

5. They are extroverted.

An extrovert generally gets along, is happy to spend time with others, likes to talk and have conversations and make friends easily, and they tend to have a lot of interest, which allows a salesperson willing to meet with others, enjoy interaction, and talk about many things, the more topics they can talk about, the better they connect with clients.

6. They are good listeners.

You have to listen to the pain points of clients before you start selling your product or service, and big sellers sell solutions to problems and they do it by understanding and listening to customers.

7. They are multitasking.

Multitasking is a natural occurrence in any sales environment, you have sales you want to close, customers who keep and track you, and potential customers who call or send emails to get more information, neatly, riding multiple trains on the rail, and this leads to efficiency, which in turn will result in better performance.

8. They give the idea.

In today’s market, most customers are far more knowledgeable and educated before reaching a supplier, providing only product specifications and data alone is not enough. A sales professional with a consultative mindset identifies the client’s needs and business. customize the solution as needed.

9. They are persistent.

Persistence, if done with respect and consistency, goes in. It reminds customers that you are there with solutions to their problems, this gives them plenty of opportunities to connect, and although it takes half a dozen to get answers, the land meets or open the discussion, they will thank you in the end.

10. They are honest.

A successful salesman will have no problem in closing the deal because he knows that you not only burn the bridge, but also all other bridges that may arise from your contacts to your contacts.

11. They focus.

Representatives who get the best quarter by quarter have one thing in common: focus, they’re not bothered by instant messengers or emails, and they do not care about office gossip, they understand what they have to do to succeed, and set goals to achieve that success, they act with goals in their day by day and apply an in-depth focus on all aspects of their work.

12. They are optimistic and optimistic.

The best sellers … tend to be optimistic and radiate a sense of humor, fun and general positivism, although based on reality, they focus on what they can control, stay on track with optimism about what they can achieve and never let the rest attract them down.

13. They have a world view and a broad cultural understanding.

Time, decision criteria, financial justification, formality and even support expectations during and after transactions can be very different [in other markets], so the success of international sales requires empathy and patience.In addition, in many world markets, business is based on relationships, which need more time to develop while working with international clients.

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