In business, no boss wants miserable staffs. So how do you keep your employees happy and passionate with their work?

It seems that making sure your employees are happy is hard work, but in reality there are hundreds easy ways to keep your staff content. And no, employee satisfaction is not just about salaries, benefits and other incentives: it’s about making employees’ jobs easier and more meaningful, and supporting and appreciating them as people inside and outside the office.

Here are 11 ways to make sure your employees enjoy working every day.

Be positive
A positive Boss will spread the positivizes to the staffs, in this way it will always motivates them to do things right and thrive to success, no matter how big the problem is, always spread the positive thinking.

Be transparent
Happy employees are people who know where the company is and where they fit in. The transparency of what’s going on inside the company can help employees feel more valued and trusted.

Challenge employees
Show that you trust employees by giving them new tasks that challenge them, motivate them and push them beyond the limits they thought before. Nothing is more satisfying for an employee than getting trust from the boss.

Interact with your staff
Asking the right questions and then listen to them, having an open door is great in theory, but this puts a burden on the employees; instead, take the time to review the standards and ask questions that investigate what employees actually do, value, at lunch or a cup of coffee, and deepening with your team helps commitment and retention.

Look at your body language
Those in leadership and management roles should look into their own behavior and body language, do they send the right optimistic and positive message? The leader sets the tone for culture, which will create a happy or unhappy staff.

Provide autonomy to employees
Let employees have autonomy over their work areas, work flow and working conditions. One of the main things that reduces employee satisfaction and happiness is the feeling that someone is being micromanaged and controlled by an employee, being able to work on your own chosen project for one or several hours a week, and teleworking or flexible hours is a way to increase employee happiness and productivity.

Provide the correct resources
The first thing I do to keep employees happy is to remove obstacles to their success at work, which sometimes means eliminating distractions by providing a more personal work environment, sometimes it means improving technological tools to eliminate frustration

Recognize employee achievement
People love being respected and acknowledged when they do things right, I want to hold a weekly conference/conference call with the whole team and mention the elements that happened the previous week, and mention some employees for their achievements.

Gathering employees frequently for team activities, competitions, events, and off-site retreats and healthy happy hours helps foster important relationships and social ties among employees, which makes them happy and engaged in work.

Support employee ideas
Show that you value your employees by putting them into key business decisions and listening to their opinions. You do not have to apply all the suggestions, but you should listen to them. Constructive criticism is one thing, but never openly denounces an idea, which will kill the creative environment.

Treat individual employees
Do not approach happiness initiatives with a unique approach, encourage managers to spend time individually with their managers, encourage them to ask their team members for the three most important things they need from their leaders, colleagues and organizations Ask them how they want to be recognized and respected: Treat employees how they want to be treated based on their answers to direct questions rather than broad approaches.

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